Power plants Uralsk

Ural Gas Turbine Power Plant

Any large city or metropolis requires a lot of energy, which means it must have a powerful power plant. The Ural gas turbine power plant is one of the large power plants. It was built in accordance with current standards and equipped with modern equipment. The company ranks second among the fastest growing companies in the Republic. It is no coincidence that the Ural gas turbine power plant was built in Western Kazakhstan. Power plants Uralsk occupies a leading position in oil and gas production in the republic. The Karachaganak and Chinarev oil, gas and condensate fields are known not only in Kazakhstan, but also far beyond its borders.

The Ural gas turbine power plant was put into operation in April 2011; this is one of the significant projects within the framework of the innovative and industrial development of the Republic. Its main task is to provide the population and enterprises with electrical and thermal energy.

The Ural gas turbine power plant provides electricity to our region; thanks to its operation, the electricity purchased from Russia has decreased several times. There is also significant help for electricity consumers, since its cost has also decreased. UGTPP is a strategically important infrastructure project. Currently, the station generates a fifth of the region’s electricity and delivers heat to new residential areas of the city. The equipment at the enterprise was purchased from major foreign brands and meets international quality standards. Therefore, the fuel used at the enterprise burns completely and there is no emission into the atmosphere.

Electricity is supplied by three large gas turbine power units, and heat is supplied by three heat recovery boilers. They utilize hot exhaust flue gases from gas turbines.

  • Positive aspects of UGTES:

Cheap electricity

Cheap heat

Minimal emissions to the environment

High power generated electrical and thermal energy.

Use of cheap raw materials

Providing jobs

The Ural gas turbine power plant is a large, socially significant infrastructure project. Its role in the development of the region is invaluable; thanks to the UGTPP, the energy deficit in the region has been reduced, and the electricity imported from Russia to the West Kazakhstan region has been replaced.