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The development of Uralsk and the construction of new microdistricts leads to the fact that the Uralsk power plants operating in the city cannot handle the power that is necessary in connection with the expansion of the borders of the regional center. In addition, it has become unprofitable to import Russian electricity. This leads to large financial costs and constant power outages. In 2011, the right decision was made, the construction of the Uralsk power station on the territory of the Zelenovsky district in order to provide cheap raw materials from the Chinarevskoye oil and gas condensate field and deliver cheap and high-quality electricity and heat to the region. As part of the state program “Forced Industrial and Innovative Development”, this project was implemented, built and launched. Currently, new residential neighborhoods in the regional center are provided with uninterrupted electricity and heat. The Ural gas turbine power plant is one of the largest and most significant projects of the Republic.

  • The main task of UGTES:

Providing electricity

Providing heat with energy

  • Positive sides:

Reducing the cost of electricity

Reducing imported electricity

Providing jobs

Minor air emissions

Providing high-quality electricity and heat Gas turbine power plants are considered one of the most reliable and productive power plants. Firstly, it is an opportunity to obtain inexpensive electricity and heat, and secondly, a quick return on investment for the installation of a power plant. In addition, the resulting product is of high power, while little money and insignificant raw material reserves are spent. But most importantly, the process of generating electricity and heat is fully automated. Therefore, it does not require the participation of a large number of employees. The entire process can be controlled in one head office or unit. Another positive side of UGTPP is the receipt of vital energy in one place – electricity and heat. That is, when electricity is generated, exhaust gases enter the utilizer, and thermal energy is obtained there. Quite simple, but at the same time highly effective and profitable. The Ural gas turbine power plant is one of the large-scale and effective projects, in addition, one of the profitable power plants in Uralsk.