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Cheap electricity Uralsk

The Ural gas turbine power plant is a modern energy complex; moreover, it is an up-to-date high-tech installation that uses cheap raw materials. The gas turbine differs from other power plants in its power, reliability and high productivity. In addition, it is beneficial to receive cheap electricity and heat in one place.


Nowadays it is very profitable when you get a high-quality product at the lowest cost. The Ural gas turbine power plant is one of these profitable projects. Cheap electricity in Uralsk is provided by this facility. In addition, exhaust gases do not enter the atmosphere, but are used to generate heat. The operating mode is automated, so it is very easy to monitor the work and improve the quality of the products produced.


Ural gas turbine power plant:


Cheap electricity Uralsk

Saving money for consumers

Obtaining additional thermal energy

Cheap raw materials


In any case, Uralsk’s own cheap electricity produced in the region is beneficial. In addition, if the region also has raw materials for a power plant, this is of course doubly profitable. In addition, cheap electricity is available to the population of the region, so large debts do not form among consumers. An important feature of a gas turbine is that it combines the production and consumption of electrical and thermal energy. The automation process greatly facilitates the operation of the power plant; firstly, the work is monitored remotely, which will allow covering the entire territory and not running from one object to another. Secondly, it does not require a large number of employees, which leads to large savings in money. Undoubtedly, the installation of the Ural gas turbine power plant is considered a profitable project with further development. The project does not require constant investment of funds, is equipped with high-tech equipment, and is fully automated. In addition, inexpensive maintenance and a small occupied area distinguishes it from the huge and outdated other types of power plants. Ural gas turbine power plant – cheap electricity from Uralsk and cheap heat to every home!


LLP “Ural Gas Turbine Power Plant” was built on the territory of the village. Michurinskoe, Zelenovsky district, West Kazakhstan region, occupied area 1.25 hectares.


The basis for the construction of UGTPP LLP and its commissioning is the “Memorandum of Intent signed between the Akimat of the West Kazakhstan Region, JSC NC SPK Batys, LLP IC Hydromash-Orion and LLP Zhaikmunai for the construction of a gas turbine power plant in Uralsk” dated 04/04/2008 and Regional Program for the Development of the Electric Power Industry in West Kazakhstan Region for 2005-2015.


The Ural gas turbine power plant of cogeneration type consists of three power units. Each power unit consists of the following main equipment:

  1. Integrated air-purifying device N-100 (KVOU);
  2. Gas turbine engine type NK-16-18ST, R=18 MW;
  3. Reduction gearbox type P-500, P=16 MW;
  4. Turbogenerator type TS-20-2U3, P=20 MW;
  5. Waste heat boiler type KUV-30, Q=8-20 Gcal;
  6. Smoke. pipe (steel).


The company also has the following buildings/structures/structures on its balance sheet:

*Gas pipeline Р=5.5 MPa, L=4000 m, Ø219×9 mm;

*Fuel gas preparation unit (FGTU);

*Block micro-cooling towers 3 units. with a shared reinforced concrete pool;

*Circulation pump for reverse water supply (RWS);

*Underground reinforced concrete chamber for circulating water supply pumping station;

*Underground reinforced concrete reservoir for wastewater, V=40 m3;

*GRU-10.5 kV, 3-SSH;

*RUSN-10.5 kV, 2-SSH;

*RUSN-0.4 kV, 2-SSH;

*TSN-10.5/0.4 kV type LS-1250, S=1250 kVA, 2 units;

*Reactors type RTST-10-1600-0.25, 3 units;

*Winter network pumps 3 units. Р=630 kW;

*Summer network pumps 2 units. Р=400 kW;

*Boiler circuit pumps 4 units. Р=160 kW;

*Thermal energy heat exchangers type FP-120-427-1-EH 3 units.


Characteristics of main equipment

(composition of each power unit)